The Best Bottles To Reduce Spit Up (Top 5 Reviews 2017)

Your baby may be a good eater with a lot of gas and spit up issues. This tends to happen when babies take in too much air or the milk they are drinking does not agree with their delicate digestive system.

We know how difficult it is to see your baby uncomfortable, so we have taken the time to research the best bottles to reduce spit up to save you the time and effort of searching yourself.

Dr. Brown's Wide-Neck Bottle, 4 ounces, 2-Pack offers a vacuum-free feeding system to help babies digest their milk easier. The removal of a vacuum prevents fluid from getting into the ear.

These bottles reduce the symptoms of spit-up, colic, gas, and burping most babies experience when their sensitive digestive system is developing.

Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle with Natural Wave Nipple has been proven to help babies transition from the breast to the bottle easily. The nipple was designed to mimic the shape of the breast.

This bottle also has an Air Ventilation System (AVS) designed to help reduce colic, gas, and spit-up issues in babies who use these bottles regularly.

NUK Designer Baby Bottle with Perfect Fit Nipple come in really cute designs to add a little flare to your babies bottles. The Perfect Fit Nipple is shaped like a woman's breast so your baby will latch on easier.

There is an Anti-Colic Air System inside the nipple to help reduce problems with gas, colic, and spit-up.

Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti-Colic Baby Bottle has little vents on the bottom of the bottle to help reduce the amount of air that mixes with milk causing spit-up, colic, and gas problems.

This bottom also has a curved shape to help promote feeding your baby upright, which can also help reduce air ingestion.

Enfamil A.R. Baby Formula and Plastic Nursette Bottles has been clinically proven to cut down on the amount of gas, spit-up, and colic problems babies have when using these bottles.

The nipple is standard on this bottle, but the formula flows through it easily. The formula offers all the nutrients you would expect from Enfamil contained in a sleek bottle made to make feeding time more enjoyable for your baby.

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1# Dr. Brown's Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set

​​​​​Reviews Of 5 Best Bottles To Reduce Spit Up

1# Dr. Brown's Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set

Dr. Brown's Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set is a polypropylene and silicone base bottle created to reduce, if not eliminate the common digestive issues colic, gas, and spit-up. The vacuum-free feeding system promotes positive-pressure flow so your baby can experience a feeding similar to breastfeeding.

The bottle's vent system redirects air from the milk or formula to the nipple collar and down to the vent system at the bottom of the bottle. This redirection of air eliminates oxidation so your baby still obtains all the full nutrients of the milk or formula.

By preventing the air from entering your baby's stomach, your baby is allowed to enjoy a regular feeding without having to endure the pain of spitting up or developing gas and colic.

Moms who have used these bottles say they love the quality of these bottles. The set is well worth the money because these bottles last longer than most.

Also, they love how well these bottles reduce the amount of air their babies take in. Knowing their baby is not suffering is the main reason these moms recommend these bottles.

Moms who dislike these bottles state they dislike them because they leak. They also do not like the amount of work it takes to clean them.

What We Liked

  • Good quality
  • Reduce air intake
  • Last long
  • Prevent gas, spit-up, burping, and colic

What We Didn't Like

  • Leaks
  • Time consuming to clean
  • Too many parts

2# Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple

Lansinoh mOmma Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple is an ergonomic bottle with a 100% silicone nipple designed to imitate the breastfeeding process. These bottles are meant to help your baby feed in a manner they are used too.

The Air Ventilation System (AVS) was created to eliminate the amount of air your baby takes in when feeding. This helps reduce gas, colic, and spit-up occurrences.

The mOmma bottles are also made free of BPS and BPA.

Moms who use these bottles appreciate how easily their babies latch onto the NaturalWave Nipple. They also like the ease of putting these bottles together.

Some moms also mentioned the benefit of being able to attach these bottles to the breast pump for easy filling. They also like that there are fewer parts to assemble the bottle before feeding.

Moms who dislike these bottles have said the milk flow is too fast. They also reported the nipples were too long and choke their babies.

Some moms have stated the nipples collapse when their babies suck too hard.


What We Liked

  • Air Ventilation System
  • Nipples are soft and easy for babies to latch onto
  • No BPA or BPS
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can easily be attached to breast pump

What We Didn't Like

  • Milk flows too fast
  • Nipples are too long
  • Nipples collapse

3# NUK 14073 Hearts Baby Bottle with Perfect Fit Nipple, 10 Ounces, 3 Pack

NUK Designer Baby Bottles with Perfect Fit Nipple is a big hit with breastfeeding moms. The Perfect Fit Nipple is designed in the shape of a breast to make it easy for babies to transition back and forth between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

The NUK Anti-Colic Air System is a one-piece system built into the nipple making the reduction of gas, colic, and spit-up to be easy. This one-piece system also makes assembly and clean up easier.

The nipples are made of silicone and offer the Soft Zone feature. The Soft Zone nipple is a softer nipple that is satiny to the touch.

These bottles are BPA-free and leak proof.

Moms who use these bottles like the shape of the nipples. They love that their babies latch on to them easily as if they were latching on to the breast.

They also love the simplicity of the bottle. It is easy to disassemble and assemble.

Some moms also expressed appreciation for the ease of cleaning and the interchangeability of the nipples.

Moms who dislike these bottles do not like that you have only one way for the bottle to work properly. They also did not like that the bottles leak.

Some also said the milk flow was too fast for their babies.


What We Liked

  • Nipple shape
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Nipples are interchangeable
  • Reduces colic, spit-up, and gas

What We Didn't Like

  • Milk flows out too fast
  • Bottles can only be used one way without spilling
  • Bottle leaks

4# Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti Colic Baby Bottle, BPA Free, Blue, 9 Ounce - 3 Pack

The Playtex Baby Vent-aire Anti-Colic Baby Bottles are BPA-free. The bottle's design is meant to make transitioning from breast to bottle easy for your baby.

You will find that the Vent-aire bottle does not leak and is break proof. It is also an easy bottle to clean.

The bottle has an angled design to help prevent ear infections and make feeding baby upright easier. The microchannel at the bottom of the bottle keeps the air at the bottom of the bottle and out of your baby's stomach for a gas, colic, and spit-up free feeding.

Moms who have used these bottles like that they fit comfortably in their baby's hands. They also like that these bottles do not leak.

Some moms also like the slow flow of the bottles. They feel the nipple releases just the right amount of milk for their babies.

Moms who have had trouble with these bottles were disappointed with the design of these bottles. They felt that the bottles were too wide and the nipples were too big.

They did not like that the bottles leak and that the flow was too slow for their babies to drink out comfortably.


What We Liked

  • Easy milk flow
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits baby's small hands
  • No leaks

What We Didn't Like

  • Leaks
  • Flows too slow
  • Nipple is too big
  • Bottle design is too wide

5# Enfamil A.R. Baby Formula - 2 fl oz Plastic Nursette Bottles, 6 Count (Pack of 8)

The Enfamil A.R. Baby Formula in the 2 fluid ounce Plastic Nursette Bottles is a two in one product. The formula in this bottle has been clinically proven to reduce spit-up issues.

The American Academy of Pediatrics have reflux reduction guidelines and this formula passes those guidelines with flying colors.

The bottle's standard nipples flow easily making feeding time more comfortable for your baby.

You will find this bottle's formula is jam-packed with nutrients your baby needs to grow healthy and strong.

Moms who use these bottles like that this formula reduces reflux issues. They report that their babies have less gas, bouts of colic, and spitting up.

They also like the convenience of these bottles.

Moms who dislike these bottles state that the formula is hard to mix. They also have stated that the formula had the opposite effect on their baby's stomach.

Some moms also said the milk was too thick.


What We Liked

  • Great for quick feeding
  • Reduces reflux issues
  • Reduces gas, colic, and spit-up
  • Formula is full of nutrients

What We Didn't Like

  • Formula is hard to mix
  • Formula is too thick
  • Formula has the opposite effect on some baby's stomach causing spit-up

How Can Bottles Reduce Gas and Spit Up?

Spitting up, gas, and colic are well-known issues every parent has dealt with. These conditions are not issues you have to deal with.

Colic, gas, and spitting up can be caused by too much air in the stomach. After researching these issues, bottle manufacturers have made changes to the designs of their bottles to help reduce the occurrence of colic, gas, and spit-up during feeding time.

The right bottle can reduce and/or eliminate these problems by simply redirecting the flow of air in your baby's milk. Air bubbles are a natural part of drinking milk from a bottle and the new air venting systems redirect the air from the milk and send it through systems that take all the air out of the milk so your baby does not swallow it.

What Type of Bottle Should I Select?

Choosing the right bottle can be a tricky thing. It is hard to tell which bottle is the right bottle for your baby because every baby likes different bottles.

No one bottle is alike, much like babies.

You will have to go through trial and error to find the bottle your baby likes most. Speak to other moms you trust to gain insight on the many different bottles on the market.

Here are a few things to think about when you find you are ready to choose a bottle for your baby

  • If you are pumping, choose bottles the same brand as your pump.
  • Buy chemical free. Do not use bottles that have BPA and other harmful chemicals in the plastic.
  • Pay close attention to the nipple. A good nipple will not only flow the right amount of milk to your baby, but it can also help reduce gas, colic, and spit-up issues.
  • Take note of the shape of the bottles you are considering. Bottles shapes vary. Depending on the shape, cleaning can be made easier, and how you feed your baby can be affected by the bottle shape. Bottles that have a curve in them are great for feeding your baby while sitting up.

What Is the Best Bottle for Breastfed Babies?

Breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby, but at some point, breastfeeding moms need to be away from their babies and bottles help make sure babies are fed regardless of where Mommy may be.

The best bottle for breastfed babies is a bottle made to mimic the breastfeeding process.

A nipple shaped to emulate the latching and sucking process of a natural nipple with a good flow will be beneficial for your baby because it will help your baby continue to develop the sucking muscles needed during feeding time.

What Size Bottles Do You Need for a Newborn?

Newborns eat a lot and often, but their tiny tummies can only take in so much milk at a time.

Start out your baby's bottle journey with 4oz. bottles. 4oz. is just the right size to feed newborns because it is the perfect amount of milk for their newly developing stomachs.

As your baby's appetite increases, you can move on to 8oz. bottles and continue to increase the size of the bottles as they begin to eat more.

What Is the Best Baby Bottle?

Every baby is different and the best baby bottle will be the one your baby likes best. Strange to think that your newborn actually has a preference, but they do.

Some babies like the nipples shape more like the breast and some babies do not. Some babies require a different amount of milk flow than others.

Some babies have stronger sucking muscles than other babies which will also determine the type of bottle that is best for your baby.

Like everything else we have talked about in the past, the best way to determine which bottle is best for your baby is to simply try different bottles.

The key thing to remember is to purchase bottles that eliminate and/or redirect the flow of air from the milk to prevent your baby from ingesting too much air. The less air your baby ingest, the less likely they are to develop spit-up, gas, and colic problems.


Choosing bottles can be as tricky as choosing formula. We put a lot of thought into the bottles we chose for this best bottle to reduce spit up review and at the end of it all, we have decided that Dr. Brown's Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set is the best bottles to reduce gas and spit up.

We like these bottles because of the quality of the bottles and the vacuum-free positive pressure flow feeding system. We found that moms loved these bottles more than the others despite the extra work needed to be put in to clean the bottles.

We all want feeding time to be enjoyable for you and your baby. We feel that Dr. Brown's Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set will give you the best results. One of the benefits we liked with these bottles was the variety of nipples.

You gain more bang for your buck with this set of bottles and saving a little bit of money is a huge benefit when you are purchasing products for your baby.

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