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Everything You Need To Know: How Much Are Silicone Babies?

Babies are cute; there is no arguing with this. They just have a way of lighting up your day and bringing out the child in you.

Too bad they grow up too fast.

However, technology has presented us with a solution to this – reborn dolls. They are just as cute with the added benefit of being forever young.

If you are trying to get yourself one and join in the fun, you should know that it is a pretty daunting and confusing process. With minimal stores and shops selling reborns, many are left with more holes poking holes in their brains than answers.

It is questions like ‘are reborn babies alive, how much are silicone babies and why are they so popular’ that have necessitated the writing of this piece. In this FAQ, we shall address all questions about reborn dolls to help put your mind at ease.

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What are reborn dolls?

Simply put, reborn dolls are baby dolls designed and created to resemble human infants. Artists pay great attention to the detailing and even include real looking toes and hairs.

The process of manufacturing them is referred to as reborning while the artists who create them are known as reborners. The dolls also go by the name unliving dolls.
Who came up with the idea of reborn dolls?

Quite frankly, history does not document the first person to create a reborn doll. What it does offer, however, is the knowledge of when the hobby of collecting lifelike dolls broke out.

In the U.S, the love of reborn dolls started to grow in the early 90s, but it was not until 2002 that the first reborn doll was posted on eBay. Doll collectors responded positively, which saw the niche grow tremendously over the years.

Today, doll enthusiasts are not the only ones making reborn dolls purchases.

Individuals looking for an emotional outlet or therapy are buying them.

Silicone Baby Belle's Night Routine (Video)

Why do they look so real?

To achieve the real life effect, artists put layer upon layer of paint on the vinyl which results in slight imperfections like red patches and mottled. Some reborn dolls feature up to 30 layers of paint.

Many doll artists draw and put in details on every layer making the end product not only real but also durable. With the multiple layers, the reborn dolls can be cleaned by wet pieces of cloth.

Why are Silicone Reborn Baby dolls popular?

One might argue that the movies have contributed a great deal to their popularity over the years. However, and this is the truth, the movies have contributed very little to their popularity.

They are basically pieces of collectible art forms, and people love them for that. Their perfect mimic of infants, attention to detail and high quality has caused many to fall in love with them.

For moms who cannot bear kids, these dolls provide temporary fulfillment similar to that which first-time mothers experience. Grandparents and parents looking to preserve the memory of their departed little one find comfort in these unliving dolls.

How hard is it to reborn a doll?

If reborning a doll were a walk in the park, wouldn’t the market niche be flooded? But the fact that getting a reborn doll is difficult, especially one that is custom made, proves that it is a tasking and intense process.

The complexity of reborning a doll depends on the features one would want on their doll. Generally, a high quality basic reborn doll will take a professional doll artist 30-40 hours.

The first step involves getting a doll, stripping it down and carefully adding layers of paint to it. A single doll can have between 15-30 layers of paint detail with every coat.

To achieve the baby undertones, a blue color wash is applied on the inside of the doll.
Afterward, nails are added and nostrils drilled through with specially designed drill bits.

As for the hair, it is added by micro rooting or wigging.

Micro rooting is a complex process involving the addition of single hair strands to the scalp of the doll. It is done by hand and can take up to 40 hours of work to have one head completed.

The doll artist proceeds to weight the doll and mount magnets so that the hair bow and pacifier can be attached. Upon request, special equipment can be added to the doll to mimic breathing movements and heartbeat and to give the doll a warm temperature.

For artists who take their art seriously and need to produce flawless dolls, creating a single reborn doll can take up to a month. Most of these artists have long waiting lists of custom orders, a fact that adds to the expensive nature of the custom dolls.

How much are silicone babies?

As is evident in the different artist sites online, silicone babies vary greatly in price. This is because they consume a lot of time and are made by both reputable companies and talented doll artists.

The price range is between $23.99 and $300 though there is some custom made dolls that fetch prices above $500. The equipment required to bring to life your desired silicone baby affects the price much like its uniqueness and rarity.

For instance, you expect a silicone baby with micro rooted hair to cost far much more than one with a wig. The time inputted is different and so is the detailing of the final product.

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Can I style my silicone baby’s hair?

Yes, reborn doll hair can be styled. But given that they are not made from actual human hair (thank God), many collectors and mothers are clueless on how to go about it.

As such, most end up styling it the wrong way and messing with the realism of the reborn doll. Styling is an important part of the reborns realistic appearance and therefore proper styling should be done on the doll.

Many assume that regular hair products are acceptable for use on reborn dolls. But while there is a long list hair product that can be used on the reborn doll, there is also a significantly long list of hair products not to use.

Why? Most of them have the possibility of damaging the hair and eroding the paint when it trickled down the body of the doll. So what products should you avoid using on a reborn doll?

Here is a short-list version of products not to use on silicone baby hair:

  • Straightener
  • Curling iron
  • Extra strength gel
  • Pomade
  • Extra hold hairspray

Silicone Baby Doll!! Mommy Welcomes Silicone Baby, Crying Silicone Baby (Video)

How can you get a pacifier to stay in your silicone baby’s mouth?

The internet is flooded with videos and pictures of silicone babies ‘sucking’ on pacifiers, but for some reason, you just cannot get your reborn’s pacifier to stay on. How do they do it?

The trick is in putting a magnet behind the mouth of the doll during its creation. The, you can have yet another magnet strip lining your pacifier allowing you to place and remove the pacifier as you would want.

If you, however, get reborn without this option, you will have to make due with what you have. There is no way of adding the magnet without ruining the design.

Do silicone babies move?

Many of the silicone babies in the market are conventional and do not feature moving parts. That said, with the recent tech advancements, there are some that feature improved designs and abilities such as crying, moving and other baby-like noises.

As you would expect, dolls with high-tech features come at a higher cost than traditional dolls.

Can a reborn baby drink or eat any food?

No, remember that regardless of their intense details and baby-like features, they are not alive. As such, they cannot feed like babies do.

You can, however, mimic the process of eating. You could seal a bottle’s nipple; push it into your baby’s mouth to make it look as though they are drinking.

Can my child play with my reborn doll?

Yes, your child can play with your reborn doll. However, you should remember that they are more of collectibles than toys.

They are fragile and cannot withstand being mishandled. They will break easy, and then you will have to dig deeper into your pocket and wait for some months to get a replacement for your damaged reborn doll.

If your child, however, insists on playing with the doll, give him/her the dos and don'ts of playing with your silicone baby to avoid it sustaining any damage.

Silicone babies cannot close and open their eyes. That is a muscular process, a feature that they have not been designed to do.

You can, however, get a doll with eyes that are either closed or open.


So no, silicone babies are not alive. They can mimic human body processes and react like babies do, but they are non-living, which is an advantage since they give you life’s best moments with a baby for as long as you would want.

As for the cost, (how much are silicone dolls), you now know that the price varies depending on your needs. The more complex and detailed you want it the pricier it will be.

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